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About race

15th edition of the Open Czech Championship in rope access Singing Rock STEEL will take place on 11th and 12th November 2023. This unique competition is one of a kind in the Czech Republic and it is also one of the biggest ones in Europe. Profesionals as well as experienced amateurs can compare their strength and skills. Professionals will benefit from their daily work, speleologists can use their experience of exploring depths of caves and although they all will try their best to win the competition, the winner can be also a nifty amateuer.

Every year contestants of this competitions are rope access technicians, arborists, speleogists, firemen, rescuers, soldiers and climbers amateuers, from the Czech Republic and other countries.


What is rope access

Rope Access is a form of movements and work positioning on ropes with associated technical equipment. Most often this type of climbing is used by rope access technicians, who use industrial rope access to carry out their work. Speleologists and rescuers also have a lot of experience with using rope access techniques and can use them in this competition.

For safety reasons all contestants must use two ropes, one working line and one back-up line, at all times when climbing.

What are the challenges

You can participate in Saturday individual race, Sunday Team race or both.

Every contestant will compete in a few disciplines. All tasks stay secret untill the day of the event..

Competitors should save some of their strength also for the second day of the event, when the competition of teams will take place. The teams of three will find out their challenge, will have to prepare a plan to complete the task and then flawlessly deliver it.

Where will the event take place 

In the building of Climbing Wall and training centre for rope access Polygon Kladno.


Please accept our invitation to the 15th edition of this unique event, which would like to offer to a wide range of people using rope access (technicians, rescuers, speleologists etc.) an opportunity to compare their skills and experience and prepare a spectacular show for visitors.

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